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Mimico Linear Park

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October 26, 2011

The TRCA have just published the Fall 2011, Mimico Waterfront Park Community Newsletter on their website. It includes the following construction update:

    This July, TRCA started construction of the second phase of
    the Mimico Waterfront Park in Toronto’s west end.
    The construction area stretches from Superior Avenue Parkette to
    Lakeview Promenade Park/Humber Bay Park West.
    Over the summer months, TRCA began to create the land base for
    the new park. Since operations began, 580 loads of rubble material
    have been received at the site.
    Lakefilling will continue into the fall and will follow with the
    construction of the three cantilevered boardwalk sections in the
    winter months.
    Access to parts of the shoreline at Lake Promenade Park will
    be closed for the removal of the existing dock wall and reshaping
    of the shoreline. As well, the gazebo will be lifted and relocated
    approximately 25 metres onto the newly created land base at the
    very eastern edge of the new park.
    This project is funded by Waterfront Toronto as part of waterfront
    revitalization and is expected to be completed by next fall.
    For the public’s safety, access to the construction site has been
    restricted to authorized personnel only, and will remain closed to
    visitors until construction is completed.

August 13, 2011

These images from August 13 show the shoreline edge construction almost complete to Grand Harbour. Once the edge is complete, filling behind will begin.


Phase II Construction Begins

On July 4, work will finally begin on Phase 2 of the Mimico Linear Park. On June 20, the TRCA officially acquired the final piece of shoreline to allow completion of the long-awaited park.

The construction entrance will be at Superior Ave. The first phase of construction will be building the armourstone shoreline. Once that is complete, they will fill the area between the existing shoreline and the armourstone. The plan calls for the existing gazebo near Grand Harbour to be moved further into the lake and the public area around it to be enlarged.  The area will be closed to the public when work on this section begins later this summer.  Reconfiguring this area is intended to improve traffic flow and reduce pedestrian/cyclist collisions

Phase I is Open!

On Monday, July 28, 2008, Phase I of the Mimico Waterfront Linear Park was officially opened, 2 years and 4 days after the ground breaking ceremony. This phase runs from Norris crescent in the west to Superior Avenue on the east end. The largest portion o the park is adjacent to Amos Waites Park. This is where you will find a large cantilevered boardwalk overlooking a protected wetland embayment area. On the land side of the boardwalk is a small sand dune habitat. 

The paved Waterfront Trail runs through the park and several unpaved side trails run off from it to the cobble beaches and rocky headlands.

You can pan and zoom on the image below for a panoramic view of the park on opening day (after most of the people had left). (requires Flash player)

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Quick Links:

MLP Sunrise Construction

Sunrise on the Mimico Linear Park Construction Site - November 2, 2007

June 2007 Update

Phase 1 of the park is expected to be largely completed by late this year with the official opening in the spring of 2008.

The detailed design drawing below gives the clearest view yet of how it will look when it is completed. You can zoom and scroll in the Zoomify window using the controls at the bottom of the frame, or you can zoom by clicking on the spot you want to enlarge. Pan in any direction by holding down your left mouse button and dragging the image.

Click here if you would prefer to see it as a pdf (430kb)

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The Phase 1 Park Concept drawing below was updated in December 2006. Click on the image so open a higher resolution pdf version (396 KB)


The Phase 2 Concept drawing was also updated in December 2006. This section is on hold pending acquisition of two pieces of the shoreline. It is hoped that rights to these pieces can be obtained by the time Phase 1 in completed in early 2008. Click on the image below to view a higher resolution pdf version (341 KB)


November 2006 Progress Report

The lakefilling for Phase 1 of the Mimico Linear Park is now almost complete. As of November 20th, 4704 loads of fill (rubble and earth) had been used. All loads are inspected before and after unloading to make sure they are uncontaminated and suitable for use as lake fill. 

A construction access road now cuts off the embayment area from the rest of the lake. Before it was completely closed off, the TRCA sent in an electro-fishing team to make sure there were no fish left inside. By sealing off this area, they will be able to work on the embayment area next spring. Conservation regulations prohibit disturbance of the lake bottom during the breeding season, but now this area is temporarily not part of the lake.

Later next summer or fall, the construction road will be removed, leaving just the string of habitat islands across the mouth of the wetland embayment.

The drawing below shows the fill status as of November 20, 2006. Click on the drawing for the full status drawing (2.5 MB pdf)

Mimico Linear Park Nov20 2006 fill map

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The photos below from the construction site are by TRCA staff:

Construction Entrance

Temporary construction access road at Superior Ave.


View of rubble filling at north edge of future embayment south of Amos Waites Park - August 2006


View of confined filling south of Amos Waties Park


View looking west of future sheltered embayment and boardwalk area south of Amos Waites Park


Fish recovery at main headland by TRCA Restoration Staff


Importing & Stockpiling of rip rap stone at main headland

Click here for photos of the site on September 1st.

The TRCA has posted construction bulletins on their website:

Also, you can check the TRCA website for more information on this exciting new project in Mimico.

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